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With over 45% of shrinkage due to employee theft, store owners need indisputable evidence to reduce losses and increase profits

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The power and versatility of our complete retail POS monitoring makes Talon DVR a complete security system. Talon DVR is comprehensive digital video security that can be integrated with your point of sale system with advanced search capability and remote monitoring.

Did You Know That A Properly Designed And Implemented Digital Video Surveillance System Can Add to your Net Profit?

Our systems enable pinpointing of questionable activity such as "sweetheart discounts" and flagged transactions including VOIDs and NO SALEs—reducing the time spent on reviewing video from hours to minutes. Perhaps, for the first time, you’ll know exactly where to look for a problem and what you’re looking for when you review the video.


This composite image can be viewed live or in playback on a video recorder, analog or digital. Questionable transactions such as VOID and NO SALE can be alarmed by flashing text for easy recognition and can be reviewed in minutes. The alarms can be programmed to remain active for a specified length of time for viewing purposes.


Digital recorders notify you whenever there was activity on a camera and can be programmed to record only when there is activity. That way, you’ll only be watching recorded video when something actually happened.  By the way, no more videotapes to (forget to) change – it’s all stored onto hard disk. Digital systems also allow you to watch what’s happening in your establishment from any other computer connected through a local network or via the Internet.

If your employees knew you could watch them any time regardless of where you were, don’t you think they’d be less likely to steal from you? If the cashiers knew that you were monitoring every transaction and could easily identify suspicious sales, do you think they’d be less likely to fool around with your cash? If vendors knew you were monitoring the receiving areas and walk-ins, do you think you’d have less to worry about? Wouldn’t you like protection against false slip–and-fall accusations? And of course, wouldn’t you also like a deterrent to shoplifting and employee theft?

Remotely View Your DVR with Talon-Net Client Program.


    *      Multi Net DVR Central Station Support
    *      Remote Access to Multiple DVR's
    *      PTZ Control Including Preset and Tour Modes
    *      Image Controls for Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Resolution, Compression
    *      Display Live Video from Server
    *      Search Recorded Data by Time/Date, Motion, Text Match
    *      Save Remote Data Locally While Viewing
    *      Two Way Voice Communication

Cash Register Specialties is your premier retail systems dealer, serving the Milwaukee Metropolitan area  (since 1983) with over 3000 retail businesses like yours. Our expertise in both cash register technology and video surveillance systems uniquely qualifies us to help you.


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