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Cash Register Specialties

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Our Hospitality POS computer systems are specifically designed to provide outstanding performance in Point of Sale operations.   Each system is uniquely positioned for the hospitality market depending on your specific needs. .  

All of our products are retail hardened and fully programmed to your specifications. setup at your site, and include training.    We can configure a system to fit your needs.


Restaurant Manager

Restaurant ManagerRM Group
Refined over nearly 30 years, Restaurant Manager is a complete restaurant POS system that can be easily tailored for use in any type of food service establishment, from fine dining and table service restaurants to quick service (QSRs), pizza delivery and carry out establishments, as well as bars and clubs.
  • inventory control, wireless table side ordering, real-time alerts, mobile management capabilities,and robust back office management to help increase revenue, cut cost and boost your bottom line.
  • Optional Integrated Online Ordering
  • RM Payments integrated credit card processing features Tokenization replacing sensitive cardholder data with a random alphanumeric values, and is a PCI Validated Point to Point encrypted system
  • Lower Compliance Cost - Not only does our P2PE solution provide maximum security, but it drastically reduces the overhead and resources needed for PCI compliance. Businesses with P2PE do not require annual system scans and the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) requirement is reduced from over 300 questions to only 33 questions!

    Sky Tab
                    pay at the table Skytab pay at the table solution works exclusively with our Restaurant Manager and Duet POS systems. Skytab is integrated with our POS systems and allows for pay at the table accepting EMV, NFC and swipe payments (utilizing Point to Point  encryption (P2PE) and tokenization so its secure). The customer payment interface allows the customer to add their payment and tip. Receipts can be printed right from Skytab or even emailed (and capturing customer email addresses allowing you to build a marketing database). The customer can be prompted to rate their experience and management can be alerted to unsatisfactory experiences and avoid negative Yelp reviews.  Watch a short video here for more information on SkyTab.  

Click this link to view our Restaurant Manager site for more information--RM POS--

Duet Hybrid Cloud/Tablet POS

Duetduet 15"Android
Duet from Restaurant Manager is easy to set up and use, Duet POS is a fast, low-cost Android tablet solution that requires minimal investment and provides maximum results.
It focuses on critical business issues that you
face every day. You get robust operational functionality and the information needed to solve real business issues
Sold, serviced and supported LOCALLY by us at CRS
  • Hybrid Cloud technology runs even if your internet connection is lost
  • Duet’s powerful Lighthouse™ platform allows you to have remote access to your POS system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • View reports online, make changes to your menu remotely and manage your employees from anywhere
  • Build your online presence and increase customer loyalty with social media management, online reputation management and customer engagement tool
  • Tableside Ordering- Duet enables restaurant servers to input customer orders directly from the table via an Android tablet for a dramatic increase in efficiency.
  • Online Ordering - Accept orders through your website with a customized and branded menu that integrates seamlessly with your POS system.
  • Online Reservations Accept reservations online and manage everything directly through your Duet POS system

 Click this link to view our Duet site for more information--Duet POS--

Lighthouse Business Management System

The Lighthouse Business Management System interfaces with both Duet and Restaurant Manager

Lighthouse Business Management System offers numerous reporting and customer engagement tools, plus a variety of other management features. Available on any computer or mobile device, it gives you complete control over your business — anytime, anywhere. And the best part is - It is included with any Restaurant Manager or Duet POS system processing with Shift4 Payments.

Lighthouse Dashboard

Overview of Lighthouse System Business Management

Lighthouse Business Management System Overview from Shift4 Payments on Vimeo.

Lighthouse Business Management System: Social Media Management from Shift4 Payments on Vimeo.

Lighthouse Business Management System: Reputation Management from Shift4 Payments on Vimeo.

Lighthouse Business Management System: Customer Engagement from Shift4 Payments on Vimeo.

Point of Sale software is one of the most advanced and easiest to use point of sale systems on the market

What does this mean to you?

TIME You save time in training your employees to use a new system. You also save time because of fewer employee errors. The ease of use of the backoffice functions saves you even more time in configuring your employees and menus and in getting your management reports. 

MONEY The complete set of management reports and internal control tools included in Ciao enable you to monitor cash flow and inventory on a real time basis, quickly spotting any irregularities and enabling you to take immediate corrective action.

CUSTOMER SATIFACTION  Your staff will be able to work faster and more efficiently with fewer mistakes, your customers will be happier.

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION  Because of its ease of use, employees become proficient with the POS system very quickly, and make fewer mistakes. They can spend more time taking care of the customer. That means better tips. Ciao’s advanced graphics makes using the POS system fun and exciting. Employees enjoy working with Ciao.

 FLEXIBILTY  Whether you just need a basic POS system or a system with all the bells and whistles, Ciao is the answer.

To learn more about Ciao Software, visit their website at www.ciaosoftware.com

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