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Checkout from Harbortouch is a Hybrid Cloud technology that provides the benefits of the cloud such as real-time reporting and redundant back-up while maintaining the advantages of a local system including faster speed and the ability to operate if the Internet goes down.


• Remote Reporting: Access processing reports, sales reports, and labor reports online from the Lighthouse™ portal.

• Inventory Tracking: Monitor quantity on-hand and receive notifications when you are running low on a particular item. You can also manage your inventory remotely using our online portal.

• Customer Database: Manage your frequent customers and their purchase history, as well as their email address and phone number for marketing purposes.

• Employee Management: Manage your employee database andmonitor transactions for each employee.

• Shift Scheduling & Time Clock: Schedule employee shifts and track hours worked through the system’s built-in time clock.

• Flexible Discounting: You can set manual discounts as well as automatic discounts for specific dates or times.

• Loyalty: Maintain a loyalty program by tracking reward points and allowing customers to redeem them after a certain threshold has been reached.

• Text and Email Marketing: Email and text message marketing campaigns can be managed directly from the POS system.

• Bundle Pricing: Sell a package or certain quantity of a particular product for a lower price than if the items are purchased separately.

• Purchase Orders: You can create purchase orders directly through Lighthouse for easy inventory management and item reorders.

• Commissions: Track commissions for your employees based on the items they sell

Harbortouch Checkout Merchant Demo from Harbortouch POS on Vimeo.

HT Retail
Harbortouch Retail is the full version of the powerful POS for retailers that need advanced POS features and functions.

Color/Size/Style Matrix: Ideal for clothing and footwear stores, easily set up an attribute matrix that includes different colors, sizes and styles, streamlining the item selection and order process.

Inventory Tracking: Import your existing inventory database in a snap. Once your inventory has been uploaded, the system will track your sales to monitor your stock levels and even create purchase orders automatically when stock runs low

Employee Commissions: Pay your employees commissions for selling particular products. Commissions can be awarded as a percentage of the sale price, percentage of the profit or a flat amount.

Employee Management: Track your employees with a built-in time clock and view a detailed breakdown of hours worked for each employee or each day as well as their productivity. Security levels allow you to control the functions that particular employees are authorized to use.

Gift Receipts: Gift receipts don’t include prices so that customers can purchase gifts while enabling easy returns and exchanges.

Consignment: Resell items on consignment while tracking how much money should be paid to the consignor.

Vendor Management: Organize all your suppliers and other vendors in a single database to manage all of your important business relationships.

Flexible Pricing: Dynamically customize your product pricing within seconds to accommodate coupons, sales, and other discounts.

Gift Registry: Customers can make a list of items they would like to receive as gifts for a special occasion such as a wedding, graduation or new baby and item quantities are automatically updated as purchases are made.

Customer Database: Keep a comprehensive record of customers’ purchasing history and contact information to identify sales trends and best customers, ideal for loyalty and other incentive programs.

Layaway: Layaway allows customers to reserve a particular item to purchase at a later date. The customer can then make payments toward the item until it has been paid in full. Stock levels are reduced when an item is on layaway and automatically replenished if the layaway is cancelled.

Purchase Order Creation: You can create purchase orders directly through your POS system for easy inventory management and item reorders

Harbortouch Retail Merchant Demo- Alt Version from Harbortouch POS on Vimeo.


This is the full version of the powerful Rocket POS software used by thousands of retailers, mail-order, e-commerce and wholesalers worldwide. Fast, reliable and flexible.