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Our Hospitality POS computer systems are specifically designed to provide outstanding performance in Point of Sale operations.   Each system is uniquely positioned for the hospitaltily market depending on your specific needs. .  

All of our products are retail hardenend fully programmed to your specifications, setup at your site, including training.    We can configure a system to fit your needs.


Restaurant Manager from ASI

Restaurant Manager Designed as a turnkey solution that can grow with your business,
 Restaurant Manager POS systems offer everything you need to effectively manage your operations. 
 Restaurant Manager POS systems can provide integrated Online Ordering,
 inventory control, wireless table side ordering and payment,real-time alerts, mobile management capabilities,
and robust back office management to help increase revenue, cut cost and boost your bottom line.

Click this link to view our Restaurant Manager site for more information--RM POS--


Point of Sale software is one of the most advanced and easiest to use point of sale systems on the market

What does this mean to you?

Time    You save time in training your employees to use a new system. You also save time because of fewer employee errors. The ease of use of the backoffice functions saves you even more time in configuring your employees and menus and in getting your management reports. our employees and menus and in getting your management reports.

MONEY    The complete set of management reports and internal control tools included in Ciao enable you to monitor the flow of cash and inventory on a real time basis, quickly spotting any irregularities and enabling you to take immediate corrective action.

CUSTOMER SATIFACTION         Your staff will be able to work faster and more efficiently with fewer mistakes, your customers will be happier.

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION       Because of its ease of use, employees become proficient with the POS system very quickly, and make fewer mistakes. They can spend more time taking care of the customer. That means better tips. Ciao’s advanced graphics makes using the POS system fun and exciting. Employees enjoy working with Ciao.

No need for a credit card terminal at every cash register. No more trying to match credit card vouchers with receipts. Ciao’s credit module is completely integrated with the Ciao POS system and all terminals process their transactions through one dial out. AND, each credit card processed is linked directly to the customer’s check in the POS system so you will never have to search through stacks of receipts to find the right one.

 FLEXIBILTY     Whether you just need a basic POS system or a system with all the bells and whistles, Ciao is the answer. The basic POS system now has add-in options for credit card processing and scheduling.  Our software also supports a wide variety of pole displays, cash drawers, receipt printers, kitchen printers, report printers, scales, and change dispensers.   

To learn more about Ciao Software, visit their website at

pdf iconCiao Point of Sale pdf iconBack Office Module pdf icon Credit Card Module pdf icon Gift Card Module

pdf icon Table Management Module pdf icon Delivery Module pdf icon Kitchen Display pdf icon Enterprise


Mynt    The Mynt pos is a hardware and software solution and is everything you need in one place.

Feature-Rich Software: Our software provides smooth transaction processing, inventory tracking, report generation, & more.

Durable Hardware: Mynt’s Retail-Hardened Hardware includes a POS Terminal with integrated Receipt Printer, Cash drawer, & CC Reader.

24/7 Support: We are here for you 24/7! With our easy to use online support, chat & phone support, you’ll always have a helping hand.

Payment Processing: Mynt is powered by Worldpay, offering straight-forward transaction rates. No hidden fees or surprises.

Dedicated Training: Dedicated remote installation support & live training with a Mynt expert is included. Our goal is to help you be an expert too!

Menu Creation/SKU Load: Menu creation and SKU loading is included with a Mynt POS bundle. You won’t have to spend time entering your menu & items

Lifetime Warranty: Every Mynt system is protected by our lifetime warranty, meaning you never have to pay for expensive repairs or new hardware.

Simple Pricing: $995 per station (includes terminal, cash drawer, receipt printer and credit card reader), $69/month, Free programming and support for the life of your subscription!

Harbortouch Echo   

The Habortouch Echo combines the power and functionality of a traditional POS system with the simplicity and sleek design of a tablet

Built-for-purpose hardware with lifetime equipment warranty.

Highly customizable, feature-rich software.

Cloud-based reporting and POS management.

Cutting-edge payment technology supports NFC, EMV and Apple Pay™

Comprehensive training and 24/7 support

Get started quickly with our simple set-up wizard

Module-based software allows you to hide features you don’t need so you can maintain a simple interface.



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